World Government Institute
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Curriculum Outline

I. Who is for 
 A. Past 
  B. Present 
II. Program 
  A. Registration 
    1. International Registry of World Cititzens 
    2. World Service Authority 
  B. Mondialization 
    1. History 
    2. Charter 
    3. Lost of Cities 
    4. Administration 
      a. Mondialization Committee, Shinjuku, Japan 
      b. World Government Institute 
  C. World Syntegrity Project 
    1. History 
    2. Instructions 
    3. Past Performance 
    4. Statements of Importance 
    5. Direction 
      a. World Government Institute 
      b. Other 
III. Documents 
  A. Political 
    1. Past constitutions 
      a. Indigenous 
       i. Great Peace Confederacy of the Iroquois (1457) 
      b. City – State 
      c. National 
    2. Present constitutions 
      a. World 
        i."Committee to Frame a World Constitution", University of Chicago (1947) 
        ii. Clark and Sohn 
        iii. "Constitution for the Federation of the World", Iseley 
      b. National 
      c. State 
    3. Human Rights Declarations 
      a. Past 
        i. Declaration des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen (1789) 
      b. Present 
        i. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) 
    4. Human Rights Bill 
    5. International Conventions 
    6. Charters 
      a. Past 
      b. Present 
        i. United Nations 
        ii. Inter-American 
    7. Other 
      a. Magna Carta 
      b. The Swiss Confederation (1291) 
      c. Congress of Vienna (1815 to 1820) 
      d. Declaration of Independence (1776) 
      e. The Hague Conferences (1899 to 1907) 
      f. League of Arab States (1945) 
      g. Memorandum on World Government, Nataraja Guru (1956) 
      h. Memorandum on Coordination of World Government, Garry Davis 
    8. Moral 
      a. Decalogue 
      b. Other 
  A. Past 
    1. Philosophers 
    2. Spiritual leaders 
    3. Political or national 
    4. Educators 
    5. Writers 
    6. Artists 
    7. Economists 
    8. Others 
  B. Present 
    1. Philosophers 
    2. Spiritual leaders 
    3. Political or national 
    4. Educators 
    5. Writers 
    6. Artists 
    7. Economists 
    8. Others 
V. Articles 
  A. World Citizen News 
  B. Other 
VI. Library 
  A. World Government Books 
    1. Democratic Manifesto, Emery Reves 
    2. Anatomy of Peace, Emery Reves 
    3. The Wild Flag, E. B. White 
    4. Searchlight on Peace Plans, Edith Wynner & Georgia Lloyd 
    5. My Country is the World, Garry Davis 
    6. World Government, Ready or Not!, Garry Davis 
    7. Passport to Freedom, a Manual for World Citizens, Garry Davis 
    8. World Citizenship and Government, Derek Heater 
    9. Experiencing One World, Natarja Guru 
  B. Allied books 
    1. The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler 
    2. Platform for Change, Stafford Beer 
    3. One Peaceful World, Michio Kushi 
    4. Utopia of Oblivion, Buckminster Fuller 
    5. Beyond Dispute, Stafford Beer 
    6. Individual Succession into the World Community, Rufus King 
    7. The Global Brain, Peter Russell 
    8. A Commonsense Guide to World Peace, Benjamin Ferenz 
    9. Bold, New World , William Knoke 
    10. Getting to the 21st Century, David G. Korten 
    11. on the Creation of a Just World Order, Saul H. Mendlovitz 
VII. Allied NGO’s 
  A. United States 
    1. World Federalism 
    2. World Citizenship Foundation 
  B. Other